You’ve got… Snail Mail!

Now, I’m old school when it comes to many things, i.e. I’d rather call then text, use my spiral bound instead of a google doc, tear images out of magazines than pin, and lastly, I’d take the Flintstones over the Jetsons, any day. But one thing I’m sure we can all agree on, is that there aren’t  enough hand written notes being sent anymore. We all rely on the world wide web to say “hey”, “que pasa?” and “je t’aime“…where is the snail mail love?

I’m sure many people don’t know this, unless they work at Papyrus of course, but today is National Handwriting Day. Whoop whoop! In celebration of this noteworthy holiday, I thought I’d break out the old pen and paper and get to writing some personal handwritten notes, practice some calligraphy and get in touch with my creative side.

SAMSUNG CSC Got any extra scraps of paper or tissue lying around the house? I have a cabinet full of random ribbons, stickers, you name it, so I decided to make some handmade envelopes to send my notes in. SAMSUNG CSC Gather up your supplies. I found some simple envelope templates online on Pinterest and Martha Stewart. Once I made one template, I traced it onto the other sheets of paper I had just cut out. I cut the tissue paper slightly smaller to use for the inside lining of the envelopes. SAMSUNG CSCEvery heard of washi tape? It’s pretty much a glorified scotch tape (and my new best friend), but adorned with pretty designs to help spruce up your envelopes, while holding them together!SAMSUNG CSCThere are hundreds of different styles and patterns, you can find more here.SAMSUNG CSC I then started scouring the internet, checking out different font types that would be fun for addressing envelopes and writing some handmade cards. I never realized just how many fonts there were – heaven! Creative Market has some beautiful calligraphy script which I found perfect for this occasion. SAMSUNG CSCHave you ever thought about taking a calligraphy class? That is my goal in the upcoming year. Lauren Essl with Blue Eye Brown Eye has a huge following for her calligraphy and she teaches classes too! For those in the Austin area, she is coming to Mockingbird Domestics (my weekend gig) in March. Sign ups are now available!

Take some time today and send someone a handwritten note, they’ll be glad you did. Mari, this one is coming your way! :)



  1. Meggie Hodge January 23, 2015

    We have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award because we LOVE your blog!! Check out the details here:

  2. Mari Hegyi January 27, 2015

    So proud of you my little Daniela!!!


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