Woven Rug Tutorial

Rainy days are perfect for crafting, thus, I spent my last weekend crafting up a storm, but really. I never realized that weaving a rug was actually possible until I found this quick and easy tutorial online, shortly thereafter I was off to buy some supplies. The wonderful thing about this adorable pompom rug is you can use any materials you have laying around the house, I even had some scrap fabric, which I incorporated into mine. The theme I was going for was ‘winter’, hence the whites, blacks, tans and of course white pompoms.SAMSUNG CSCWhat you’ll need: yarn, string, scraps of fabric (cut lengthwise into 1″ strips), measuring tape, cardboard, scissors/box cutter, pen.

SAMSUNG CSCStart by finding your center point in the middle of the cardboard. Since I didn’t have a large enough compass to draw a circle, I used string tied to my finger at one end and the pen at the other. Which I then moved around the cardboard to form the size of the circle I wanted.

SAMSUNG CSCOnce your ideal size of circle (which will be the size of your rug) is complete, use box cutters to remove the excess cardboard. Using the edge of the measuring tape, trace the pen until it meets the other end of the cardboard, simply splitting the board in half. Then turn the cardboard and cut it in half the other way to end up with 4 sections. Keep doing this until you have 32 sections drawn on the cardboard in total.


SAMSUNG CSCCut 1″ deep slits along each of the 32 lines drawn. Take your sturdier twine and wedge it between one of the cutouts, then bring directly to the other side (essentially cutting the board in half) and wedge it into that cutout. Wrap the twine under the board, and up to the right side of where you started wrapping. Again, bring this directly across the board (essentially cutting the board in half, again) and wedge it into the slit to the right. Keep this wrapping over the board, then back under, technique until you have wrapped all of the 32 lines.

SAMSUNG CSCTie a piece of string, ribbon, yarn, whatever you choose, onto one of the pieces of twine. And start weaving over, under, over, under, until you decide to switch to another piece of material. Make sure to pull the string tight at ALL times.

SAMSUNG CSCTo change materials, simply tie the end of one string to the start of the next string. As you continue weaving over and under with the new material, remember to hide the knot underneath the rug (the side that is facing down).


SAMSUNG CSCOnce complete, tie off the end of the string with another piece already woven. Hide the knot under the rug.

SAMSUNG CSCCut the sturdier base twine off the cardboard about 6 inches from the rugs edge. Tie two pieces together.

SAMSUNG CSCWith the remaining twine, cut it into small pieces to be utilized for tassels (approximately 5 strings, about 10 inches long, per each tassel). Use the twine attached to the rug to tie the tassels on firmly.

SAMSUNG CSCThere you have it; your own handmade rug! For more detailed instructions, please review the tutorial and remember to mix it up with different colors, textures and styles of material. Enjoy :)


  1. Meggie hodge January 14, 2015

    Love it Daniella!! You’re so talented!!!

    • Daniela Lukomski January 19, 2015

      Thanks Meggie! :D


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