Well, hot dog!

I’ve had this thing for making cakes lately. My boyfriend, Peter, happens to really love hotdogs (strange, I know), so for his 29th birthday I had my first attempt at a hotdog birthday cake, my first ever birthday cake for that matter.

IMG_4158 To make the shape of the hotdog, I baked a white cake in a bread loaf tin. Once the cake cooled, I carved it to the shape of the bun. Then, I took the remaining scraps of cake to make the actual hotdog shape. I used food coloring mixed with pre made fondant for the smooth finish.

IMG_4159For the “green relish” I picked out the green sour patch kids and cut them up, additionally, I cut up grapefruit gummies for the “onions”.

IMG_4162The ketchup and mustard were just colored frosting. The faux picnic table cloth, fries and pile of ketchup and were also made with colored fondant.

IMG_4161It was a big hit AND it tasted great!

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