Weekend trips can be super easy to pack for if you have a game plan. Unfortunately, there have been many times we end up packing an excessive amount of clothing, and don’t end up wearing half of it (guilty). Or more importantly, don’t have enough room in our bag to put the new clothes purchased during our travels (guilty, again).

This coming weekend is actually my birthday (eek!), so Peter and I are taking a little road trip to Marfa, Texas. Given we will only be there for a short time, I plan on bringing my weekender bag which is the prefect size for a quick getaway. Winter blues got you down?Check out some tips below on how to pack right, stay stylish and keep warm on your timely vacation away from home.

SAMSUNG CSCDestination: Marfa, Texas. Weather: 40-50s. Atmosphere: small Texas town, known for art galleries. Make a list and ensure everything on it makes sense considering your destination. No need to bring a bikini if you’re going camping in the winter; no hot tub time machines there.

SAMSUNG CSCShopbop has some affordable and stylish options on these weekender totes. I definitely recommend one with multiple handles.

SAMSUNG CSCWeather clearly plays an important factor. Wearing your thickest layers during the traveling time can save you room in your bag for other necessities. Also, don’t be afraid to play with colors and mix up layers for multiple outfits.SAMSUNG CSC Accessories are crucial to changing the look of an outfit. Add a scarf, hat or necklace to yesterday’s sweater and just like that you have a new look!SAMSUNG CSC To make more room in your weekender, roll your clothing, verses folding it. Not only does it prevent wrinkles in your favorite shirt, but it saves room for your favorites jeans :DSAMSUNG CSC Pick your poison. What is the most versatile and comfortable shoe you can bring to your destination? Because you really won’t need more than this (okay, maybe one more pair won’t hurt). For this weekend, since we are heading to a small town in Texas, during the winter, boots suit the occasion best.

SAMSUNG CSCFinally, reassess once you’ve gathered all your items together. Is there anything that can stay behind? I’m sure your snake skin wedges can sit out this trip. Or the entire season.

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