Weekend DIY – image wood transfers.

I just love a good DIY project. Considering the weather lately is keeping me from doing anything but bundling up and sipping some tea (thanks Camille), this dreamy DIY is just what the doctor ordered. Ever heard of image wood transfers? Well, today, you’re in luck.

I’ve always wondered how to create this almost encaustic like medium and once I got started, I just couldn’t stop. The possibilities are seriously endless! You can transfer your favorite photos (naturally, I picked poolside glamour for this tutorial), quotes, whatever, onto virtually any piece of wood you wish. Perhaps some end tables with newspaper print are up next?

SAMSUNG CSCMaterials: Smooth wood, brushes, gel medium (I used Liquitex), Mod Podge and your favorite photos (printed on regular computer paper).

Step 1: Print a mirror image of your photo. You want these flipped because you will be laying them image side down on the wood. Open up a word document and insert your image, click on the image then click Format Image, then click the “flip/rotate” button, then click horizontal and print!SAMSUNG CSC Step 2: Thickly coat the wood with the gel/Liquitex. Make sure the surface is even and smooth.SAMSUNG CSC Step 3: Lay your image face down onto the wet surface of the wood. Press down firmly and release any air bubbles. Let dry for 24 hours. SAMSUNG CSC Step 4: Get a damp rag and press firmly and evenly around the entire image (pretend it’s like your putting on a flash tat, same thing), until the surface is very damp.SAMSUNG CSC Step 5: Gently begin to rub off the wet paper and you will start to see your image revealed!SAMSUNG CSC Step 6: Once the image is totally paper free, let is dry completely.SAMSUNG CSCStep 7: Finally, add a few layers of Mod Podge (I chose a vintage shade). You know the drill, let it dry. SAMSUNG CSCStep 8: Add a clasp and hang it to the wall or add it to your desk decor. You’ll feel like such a crafter with this one!SAMSUNG CSC

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