Weekend Details.

32a7815315d6cf0c2f018404e7665f0cHappy Sunday Fun Day! This weekend was full of family, friends and a lot of sunshine; pretty much all you need in life. Unfortunately, we all miscalculated how much sunscreen was needed for a full day on the lake, and now we’re REALLY paying for it, whoops. But all this time outdoors is really getting me into the summer spirit – pretty soon Barton Springs Pool will be the only Austin destination when temperatures break the high 90’s and SnoBeach will be backed up with Tiger’s Blood orders. So naturally, Peter and I decided to plan a little getaway to Miami to soak up the sun kissed beaches and cuban inspired cuisine. I’m pretty much just trying to live vicariously through every Slim Aaron’s summer holiday photo.

First off, if anyone has ever been to Miami, any tips/suggestions are more than welcomed! We plan on amping up our food game with top notch cuban sandwiches, exploring the 60’s MOD architecture of downtown Miami and finally driving the overseas highway to Key West with Sixt Rent a Car. If you plan on taking a road trip anytime soon, look no further, as this family owned and operated rental car company comes highly recommended! They set the bar high with more than 100 locations worldwide (including our very own Austin, TX!), flexible drop off/pick up locations (which we all know is key) and really great rates. The  choice rides are just an added bonus, but here are some coupons to sweeten the deal. Road trip!

In other news, here are a few things I’m currently obsessing over:

How cute are these handmade headbands by Libellula Designs?! Presh.

I’m a big fan of long lasting lipstick and think I just found my new number #1.

I did a little sunday shopping today at Olive on the eastside, it’s a must see!

If you love truffles, Bola Pizza will blow your mind! I had a little taste at the EAUFT and still can’t get enough.

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