St. Patrick’s Day entertaining.

Fact: Green is definitely my favorite color (chartreuse to be exact), so naturally, I think St. Patrick’s Day and I have something in common. BUT that’s about it. I’m not a huge beer drinking (anymore, at least) and even after all my attempts, I still haven’t won the lotto, a raffle, or anything in between. Nevertheless, I still love to get into the holiday spirit, especially if there is some sort of crafting involved, clearly. If you plan on hosting a St. Patty’s Day shindig, this is by far the easiest thing you can make to ensure none of your guests get pinched. And it’s a pretty sweet way to add some entertainment decor to get the party in the spirit. Because everyone loves a four leaf clover!

What you’ll need: Different shades of green felt, scissors, a pen and straws. Brace yourself, that’s it.

Directions: Cut your felt into 2×2 inch squares. Fold them in half and draw the Letter B (it doesn’t have to be exact). Then cut around the letter – this should start to remind you of making perfectly symmetrical hearts in grade school. Cut a small hole in the middle, place on the staw and enjoy your elementary grade DIY! So easy and so cute!



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