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SAMSUNG CSCTGI[G]F! It’s Good Friday people and I’m so excited for this Easter Weekend to get kicked off! My parents came in town for the holiday and we have a full list of activities, but an even larger list of items on our Easter Brunch menu. Considering I come from a very Polish family, you know there will be quite the assortment of meats, cheeses, and other proteins on the kitchen counter, so I decided to make some adorable deviled eggs, to add to the mix.  Eggs are obviously a must for Easter Sunday Brunch (and one of my boyfriends major food groups), so it’s fun to get a little creative and boy, do this little chicks stand out. Aren’t they just the cutest?!

What you’ll need: A dozen hardboiled eggs, filling of your choice (I used horseradish, salt, pepper and mayo), black olives for eyes, carrots for the feet and beak.


Directions: Prepare hardboiled eggs as usual, then cut 1/3 off the top of each egg to remove the yolk. Mix the fillings together and place the mixture back into the eggs and put the top back on with a slight tilt. Add the carrot beak and cut circles out of the black olives for eyes. SAMSUNG CSCCut a small piece off the bottom of the egg so it will stand upright, then add the carrots for the feet. They turn out so cute, you might just feel bad eating them!SAMSUNG CSCWhat are your Easter brunch ideas? Do you have any deviled egg recipes? Let me know! Happy Easter friends!

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