Faux wallpaper.

Home Depot has stole my heart over the past year and half. Since I moved into my condo, I probably frequent the paint section (among others), more often than I eat ice-cream (and that’s saying something considering I have a MAJOR sweet tooth). This go round, I decided I needed a neutral to paint my oh so drab office wall and landed on a staple color; black. Painting a wall black is a pretty bold move, so I wanted to go a little bit of a different route and stumbled upon this awesome image of an almost faux wallpaper with a black cross pattern. Perfect.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always been a fan of wallpaper, however the price just kills me ($350/roll?!, you’ve lost it). This painted pattern was so simple and makes such a statement, just like the real deal would. The look of the brush strokes, makes the overall pattern on the wall look effortless (because it was) and the accessories (check out Blairz incredible paintings here) just tie it altogether. This just makes working that much more fun! SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC


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