Officially Spring!

Although the Northeast is getting hit with yet another snow storm, and it’s raining here in Austin, today is officially the first day of Spring. AND I love it! It seems that the start of every season, I always think “okay, this is definitely my favorite season,” but I really think Spring is. I get such a serge of energy and motivation, truly no better feeling (other than getting fresh flowers from mah boo). Also, nothing screams Spring more than linen dresses, beachy waves and fresh blooms ready for the pickin’, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the beginning of sunny skies, than making some floral crowns. Sure, they may be typical festival wear, but they’re still a perfect way to dress up a fun birthday party or wear just because.

What you’ll need: Aluminum wire, wire cutters, electrical tape, flowers (fake, real, whatever), twine.
SAMSUNG CSCCut the wire to fit the size of your head.SAMSUNG CSCCut the stems of the flowers, leaving 3+ inches. Start wrapping the flowers around the wire with the tape.SAMSUNG CSCOnce all the flowers are bunched together at the front of the crown, start wrapping the exposed tape and wire with the twine. SAMSUNG CSCMake sure to tightly wrap the twine as you go, so no exposed wire will show. SAMSUNG CSCTah-dah! So cute for a ladies brunch or picnic in the park. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

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