Marfa, Marfa, Marfa!

There is no way to get around this… Marfa, Texas is a weird place. The closest comparison that comes to mind is a combination of Waco, Texas and Colfax, Washington. Ever heard of those places? Unless you hail from Texas or are a fellow WSU Coug, probably not.

A good 6.5 hour drive from Austin, located in west Texas, lies Marfa. If you have any interest in drinking peyote, gazing at the stars or checking out some modern art installations, pack your bags. Since this was my first time exploring this part of the Texas landscape, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Now that I’ve been there, I’ve decided to provide a few pointers to those interested in checking it out.SAMSUNG CSC 1. A weekend is not enough time in Marfa. If you plan on making that grueling drive, you might as well add in an extra day and check out Big Bend National Park, a mere 2+ hours to the south. SAMSUNG CSC 2. No matter what, rent a teepee. This is the interior of our teepee at El Cosmico. Fully equipped with a gas fireplace, king size bed and electrical plug ins, it’s all you could ever want/need. Truthfully, staying in this was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip.  SAMSUNG CSC 3. Bring some extra food/snacks. The business hours of operation are really up in the air here. We arrived and were ready for lunch, but most restaurants don’t open until evening. Since there are few restaurants, call ahead and make reservations (if possible) to ensure you get a meal – not even kidding. I’m not a happy camper when I’m hungry.SAMSUNG CSC 4. Know where you want to go. Make a list, and check it twice. We showed up 5 minutes before one of the foundations closed, so unfortunately we weren’t able to see the entire place (which would have taken approximately 4 hours!). SAMSUNG CSC 5. Explore! Since we really didn’t have an agenda, we made up our own. We rode around town looking for quirky sights and modern architecture. Sometimes spontaneity is the best route. SAMSUNG CSC Marfa water tower. SAMSUNG CSCThis was the patio of a home for sale just outside of town. It was modern, clean and ready for me to move in. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC  Although this was one of the only stores in town, it was amaze! Check out Cast + Crew’s shop hereSAMSUNG CSCHow cute is this pup? When visiting the i n d e / j a c o b s showroom, we met the owner who invited us to the residential quarters of the exhibit, where he and his dog, Kriksis live. Adorable. SAMSUNG CSCCobra Rock Boot Company. This place makes the most amazing boots… by hand.SAMSUNG CSCThe Chinati Foundation is known for these large concrete boxes spread out among 340 acres. It doesn’t sound all that exciting, but walking around all the different formations was pretty awesome. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCOh Prada Marfa. This is probably the most famous attraction in Marfa, bringing people in from all over the country to check out the funky town, it sure got me – view my latest style post here.

All in all, this west Texas adventure was a lot different than I thought, in a good way. I really would recommend visiting during the spring/early summer time to really embrace the scenery and sunshine. Everyone needs a little getaway to gain some clarity and peace of mind, and Marfa can do just that… but so can a little wine.

Have a great getaway destination in mind? Please let me know!

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