Feliz Cumpleaños!

vx1DtCdRJBpR0i_x3LtVOVOMftsio3028CCNivlculgI absolutely love entertaining. Even with the stress of perfecting the table arrangement and making sure to not burn the bruschetta toast, it’s always worth it to get friends together and catch up [insert multiple wine emojis here].

A few weeks ago was one of my bests birthday, and not just any birthday, her BIG 3-0! So naturally, I decided this HAD to be a surprise party and my goal was to make her think nothing was planned, which clearly could have backfired – eek. Thanks to the help of my gal Hilary (who literally is Martha Stewart) and Nicole’s bf, John, who tricked her into thinking dinner was just for two, we pulled off a successful birthday surprise! A few tears of joy included :D


We rented the private dining room at Benji’s Cantina, an upscale mexican restaurant in downtown Austin, and decided to carry out the mexican theme into the rest of the decor. From streamers to succulent cupcakes, we decorated just in time for Nicole to arrive and be completely surprised to see 30 of her friends greeting her with birthday wishes!

Check out some photos from the fiesta….3L565ZUiwwM7SVhlZYKroZF3PokSLO7Bj3_J1vTI4WoSucculent cupcakes, since these cute little plants are just so chic!
IMG_0020Place settings were made with fruit and faux leaves, super easy and playful to fit the theme. Pinterest for the win.qwh2skgQ7c6AY4CEVWq1oa4AR_OjnmfJSb__dnwIS2M Uq6NvV8VHEwGNRu3X8wItUS05R6kdD74kHERtSX_KWY xdsC0DYg06opsxIRx22osrOvDyE0rmdAsYY8eA1A250Had to have a jalepeno piñata for this spicy little lady!
yIDkrV6tYkvY_Ti2apqXWCXFNQgTkli0yPYusbYLahcI made an ombre cake with “sunset” color frosting for the birthday gal.  IMG_0021Centerpieces made from Mexican food cans and more succulents, of course.
IMG_0061 Party animals!IMG_0103It turned out to be such a fun dinner/night! HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY NICOLE! Love you, may your 30th be your best year yet! xx

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