East Austin Urban Farm Tour.

SAMSUNG CSCAll hail EAUFT. My mouth is still salivating from this past weekend where I was wined and dined at the East Austin Urban Farm Tour. Think, Austin Food and Wine Festival, but no lines, half the cost and you can actually see where your food comes from. This self guided tour takes you through four neighboring farms in East Austin where you are literally filled with farm fresh ingredients made by some of the most elite restaurants in Austin (Lenoir, Uchi and Eden East to name a few). Check out the full line up here. It was pretty much a perfect Sunday Fun Day.


Beets were clearly the veggie of choice this year. There were so many delicious bites made with this simple and delicious ingredient. This recipe is next on my list!SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSince I have a major sweet tooth, I was eager to hit the dessert table. Confituras nailed it with their new rose wine jelly on toast. Mind blown. SAMSUNG CSCGotta love a cute backdrop for a group pic. The setup at each farm was clearly well thought out (which I definitely appreciate as a past event planner).
SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCDrinks and ice cream were also not in short supply. One of my favorites, Dolce Neve made an appearance. SAMSUNG CSCI know, looks like vacation.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCWe had the chance to tour the farms, learn about the crops and even play with the animals! I think a little garden is in my list of DIY’s to try.
SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCHave you ever been to this event? What did you think? It’s definitely the front runner for me, in my almost four years of living in Austin! Do yourself a favor and sign up for next year, your taste buds will thank you, and you’ll get some serious east sider street cred from your hipster friends. 

On a side note, TGIF!

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