DIY mexican tile coasters.

SAMSUNG CSCClearly, I love a good DIY, so when I saw these mexican tiles at a flea market, I instantly thought, “coasters!,” and knew they were coming home with me. 1) Because these are the perfect size, shape and pattern for coasters, 2) much cheaper to make, than buy, 3) because I didn’t have any yet. Yes, there are endless options of coaster sets around, but there’s something about making your own home decor that makes me feel so creative, especially when it comes out looking more Anthro, and less kindergarden craft time.

What you’ll need: Four tiles, scissors, hot glue gun, cork board (about 1/2 cm thick).

Instructions: Cut the cork board to measure just under the rim of the tiles (my tiles were 4×4, so I cut the cork to 3 7/8 x 3 7/8). Hot glue one edge of the cork and firmly place onto the tile. Continue gluing until the entire back side of the tile is covered. Repeat until all are finished. *I decided to lightly brush the edges with gold paint, but you can always leave the tiles in their natural state!
SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCWrap up the set and give as a gift! OR…
SAMSUNG CSCPlace on your coffee table so your margarita has a place to sit. Adorable!

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