Clay makers.

SAMSUNG CSCIf you’re into DIY projects just as much as me, then you’ve probably heard of Sculpy Clay already. It’s hitting the crafting world hard, and I’ve been up to my ears with projects to try. SO, since I’m really into gardening right now (give it another month and I’ll be anywhere but outside in the Texas heat), I decided to make some herb garden markers for my latest martha wannabe DIY.SAMSUNG CSCThese herb markers were made with oven bake Sculpy Clay, you can also purchase an air dry clay as well. Ah, so many options, so little time!SAMSUNG CSCI used letter stamps to write out the words into the clay before putting them into the oven to cook. Check out this full step by step tutorial to get all the details. SAMSUNG CSCHey, at least I’ll be able to tell the difference between mint and parsley, finally.

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