Geode jewelry box DIY!

AH! That feeling of Christmas being right around the corner and you’re still scrambling to find the perfect gift for your BFF4L or special little lady. We’ve all been there. Have no fear though, I have a quick and painless DIY that will have bae smitten by your handywork and it will mean so much more than a last minute visa gift card. Trust.

Let me preface by confirming the 90’s are truly back. Remember those geode rocks you used to collect? They’ve been popping up everywhere BUT with a major price tag :/ I’ve seen them being used in many ways – geode necklaces, bracelets, coasters and my favorite, jewelry boxes! I’ve seen these boxes range from $30 to $500+. Bananas. So I decided to be crafty (of course) and make my own. Here’s what you need:

  • + geode rock of choice (make sure it has a somewhat flat surface on the bottom)
  • + wood craft box
  • + e6000 super glue
  • + spray paint of choice
  • + gloss finishing spray (optional)

Spray paint the wooden box with at least 2 coats of spray paint and let dry for an hour. Follow up with a coat of glossy finishing spray. 

Glue the geode onto the wooden box with a generous amount of e6000. Let dry. Ta-da! Super easy DIY that only takes a couple of hours and under $30! It’s a win-win! Merry Christmas friends :)


Home sweet home.

living room againOne of my greatest accomplishments was the purchase of my first home back in 2013. I remember looking at quite a few properties and feeling discouraged because most were either out of my price range or had multiple offers that I just couldn’t compete with. I didn’t even see my place listed on MLS, but I happened to stumble upon it when I was viewing another unit across the street with my realtor. Once we walked in, I just about gasped – from the layout and great energy, to the tongue and groove ceilings, it was just utterly perfect. That was the day I realized it’s true – when you know, you know. So I closed the deal and officially became a homeowner!

Now three years and countless trips to Home Depot later, I finally feel like I put my stamp on this little slice of paradise. I’ve been a busy bee painting, reupholstering and everything in between over the years and have documented some of it along the way, but I wanted to formally invite you to come check out my home sweet home. Come on in! 

frontdining:kitchenCheck out the mirror wall installation process I did here. The area looked so much different (ahem smaller) before.SAMSUNG CSCThe area between the cabinets and ceiling in the kitchen is always so drab, so after much headache (and algebra) I was able to measure out a grey square pattern for the perfect fix.

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Tribeza Interiors Tour 2016

One of my all time favorite events was a couple weeks ago and I’m still gushing about it…

Tribeza held it’s 3rd annual Interiors Tour (check out my write up on last years tour here), where local interior designers graciously open up their homes to the public, so you can walk around in awe, staring at chinoiserie wallpaper for hours – yes! Each home is a reflection of the designers aesthetic and simply put, I get pretty jellybeans. Every home has something that inspires you or makes you think of incorporating unique elements to your own space in different ways (never thought of adding art over a mirrored fireplace?). Check out some pics from the tour below…

Meredith Ellis Design




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DIY mexican tile coasters.

SAMSUNG CSCClearly, I love a good DIY, so when I saw these mexican tiles at a flea market, I instantly thought, “coasters!,” and knew they were coming home with me. 1) Because these are the perfect size, shape and pattern for coasters, 2) much cheaper to make, than buy, 3) because I didn’t have any yet. Yes, there are endless options of coaster sets around, but there’s something about making your own home decor that makes me feel so creative, especially when it comes out looking more Anthro, and less kindergarden craft time.

What you’ll need: Four tiles, scissors, hot glue gun, cork board (about 1/2 cm thick).

Instructions: Cut the cork board to measure just under the rim of the tiles (my tiles were 4×4, so I cut the cork to 3 7/8 x 3 7/8). Hot glue one edge of the cork and firmly place onto the tile. Continue gluing until the entire back side of the tile is covered. Repeat until all are finished. *I decided to lightly brush the edges with gold paint, but you can always leave the tiles in their natural state!
SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCWrap up the set and give as a gift! OR…
SAMSUNG CSCPlace on your coffee table so your margarita has a place to sit. Adorable!

Weekend DIY – image wood transfers.

I just love a good DIY project. Considering the weather lately is keeping me from doing anything but bundling up and sipping some tea (thanks Camille), this dreamy DIY is just what the doctor ordered. Ever heard of image wood transfers? Well, today, you’re in luck.

I’ve always wondered how to create this almost encaustic like medium and once I got started, I just couldn’t stop. The possibilities are seriously endless! You can transfer your favorite photos (naturally, I picked poolside glamour for this tutorial), quotes, whatever, onto virtually any piece of wood you wish. Perhaps some end tables with newspaper print are up next?

SAMSUNG CSCMaterials: Smooth wood, brushes, gel medium (I used Liquitex), Mod Podge and your favorite photos (printed on regular computer paper).

Step 1: Print a mirror image of your photo. You want these flipped because you will be laying them image side down on the wood. Open up a word document and insert your image, click on the image then click Format Image, then click the “flip/rotate” button, then click horizontal and print!SAMSUNG CSC Step 2: Thickly coat the wood with the gel/Liquitex. Make sure the surface is even and smooth.SAMSUNG CSC Step 3: Lay your image face down onto the wet surface of the wood. Press down firmly and release any air bubbles. Let dry for 24 hours. SAMSUNG CSC Step 4: Get a damp rag and press firmly and evenly around the entire image (pretend it’s like your putting on a flash tat, same thing), until the surface is very damp.SAMSUNG CSC Step 5: Gently begin to rub off the wet paper and you will start to see your image revealed!SAMSUNG CSC Step 6: Once the image is totally paper free, let is dry completely.SAMSUNG CSCStep 7: Finally, add a few layers of Mod Podge (I chose a vintage shade). You know the drill, let it dry. SAMSUNG CSCStep 8: Add a clasp and hang it to the wall or add it to your desk decor. You’ll feel like such a crafter with this one!SAMSUNG CSC

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