Geode jewelry box DIY!

AH! That feeling of Christmas being right around the corner and you’re still scrambling to find the perfect gift for your BFF4L or special little lady. We’ve all been there. Have no fear though, I have a quick and painless DIY that will have bae smitten by your handywork and it will mean so much more than a last minute visa gift card. Trust.

Let me preface by confirming the 90’s are truly back. Remember those geode rocks you used to collect? They’ve been popping up everywhere BUT with a major price tag :/ I’ve seen them being used in many ways – geode necklaces, bracelets, coasters and my favorite, jewelry boxes! I’ve seen these boxes range from $30 to $500+. Bananas. So I decided to be crafty (of course) and make my own. Here’s what you need:

  • + geode rock of choice (make sure it has a somewhat flat surface on the bottom)
  • + wood craft box
  • + e6000 super glue
  • + spray paint of choice
  • + gloss finishing spray (optional)

Spray paint the wooden box with at least 2 coats of spray paint and let dry for an hour. Follow up with a coat of glossy finishing spray. 

Glue the geode onto the wooden box with a generous amount of e6000. Let dry. Ta-da! Super easy DIY that only takes a couple of hours and under $30! It’s a win-win! Merry Christmas friends :)


A Maker’s Affair.

Forget Black Friday madness, the Renegade Craft Fair is coming to Austin this weekend! SAMSUNG CSCThere’s something about people who are makers and do-er’s and I just love that Austin is full of ’em. From jewelry designers to restauranteurs, this place has a entrepreneurial and creative spirit that makes you want to dive right into your next big idea. Since I’m someone who would rather pick up the hammer/paint brush/whatever and get crafty, I really appreciate seeing others talents in full swing, which is why I just had to check out the Renegade Craft Fair when it made it’s sweep through Austin last spring… And lucky for you (and your holiday shopping list) the fair is here all weekend long to help you score some holiday swag!

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Stop and smell the bacon.

First off, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Second, sorry for my absence the last few weeks! I decided I needed a little vaca from the virtual world, and boy did it feel nice to step away from the computer. After a while I started to feel like I was writing posts just to stay on schedule, instead of writing about things that I really cared about, at my own leisure. I imagine every bloggers nightmare. So there, now you have it, I’m back! Cue music.

I made this delicious bouquet of roses a while back and thought how perfect for Father’s Day (or really any day of the year). Check out the tutorial below. You’re sure to become the favorite child after you surprise dad with these.

1. Buy a plastic bouquet of a dozen roses.SAMSUNG CSC 2. Remove all the red petals so just the green stems remain. Make sure to leave about 1 inch of stem at the top to place the bacon on. SAMSUNG CSC 3. Wrap the bacon into little circles, and bake in the oven until cooked.SAMSUNG CSC 3. Remove the bacon from the pan and place on the plastic stems. SAMSUNG CSC

 Serve immediately with a cold beer and turn on the US Open. He’s sure to love flowers (and you even more) after this :D

Moms that brunch.

Mother’s day is in just a couple days, so if you’re scrambling for ideas to make her smile from ear to ear, take a look at these bunch spots and breakfast-in-bed ideas that are guaranteed to make her wish Mother’s Day was 365 days a year.

157a47_09c53e7682f64ecd9dfffce0bf0a4e3d.png_srz_p_409_628_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzIf you’re not the cooking type, it’s not too late to make reservations! Times may be limited, but most Mother’s Day brunch spots keep serving until 3pm. Here is a list of my favorite ones in Austin:

Eden East on the eastside (farm to table, outdoor atmosphere, love this place)

Olivia on South Lamar (classics)

Hudson’s on the Bend in Lakeway (this is my new favorite restaurant!)

Yellow Jacket Social Club on the eastside (outdoor seating, relaxed environment, great shrimp and grits)

Hillside Farmacy on the eastside (quaint vibe, great food)

Feeling up to the challenge? Whip up a delicious meal for Mom, she will love it!

For you late risers, this overnight french toast can be made the night before! All you need is a quick pop in the oven and a pot of coffee brewing before service starts :)

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.31.47 AM

I made these dutch babies before, and my mom loved them! So they are going back on the brunch table again. Try them out, they are super easy to make and incredibly delish!9878b477578b7313c0700442158fc8b1

I fell in love with mango mimosas when I couldn’t stop sipping them at El Alma with the girls. Here is a simple recipe to change up this classic brunch cocktail.b13a352d8e212ed1ac8b8c2cf253458f

Being that I’m from Seattle, smoked salmon is a must for practically every meal (at least in my family). We eat lox bagels ALL the time because they are just that good. Try setting up a bagel bar for brunch, all parties will be thankful.99684a03d35d5a8761006d23e974bd22Happy Mother’s Day y’all!

DIY Pom Pom Tote

toryburchtoteUnfortunately, like many women, I have expensive taste and frankly my wallet just isn’t full of cash money. I often find myself walking through stores thinking “that’s way too expensive, I might as well make it” and instantly get to work. Case in point this Tory Burch beach tote that retails for a whopping $295. Yikes. I had this wicker bag hiding in storage and knew it was perfect for a little DIY project, not to mention today is Cinco De Mayo and the colors are so fitting to the holiday! This can double as a beach tote OR a picnic basket filled with all the chips and guac you could ever want. Heading to the La Condesa Cindo De Mayo Block Party tonight? This little number might make its debut.

SAMSUNG CSCPom Poms are key to taking this tote from drab to fab. I decided to make navy blue poms to match the stitch in the basket. Find out how to make your own here.SAMSUNG CSCI tied eight pom poms (about three inches round), along the trim of the basket. The good thing about working with wicker is the easy access for tying thread together, but there are many options, so make sure you choose the tote you like best before getting started! 
SAMSUNG CSCIsn’t it darling?! If anyone is interested in adding this to their handbag selection, let me know, I’d be happy to make you one! $25 a pop is much better than the alternative :) In other news, Happy Cinco De Mayo! May your day be filled with more beans and rice than you know what to do with. Olé!

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