Baby on board.

Friends, quit jumping to conclusions, this is not a baby announcement! I just had to find a clever way to get you reading – it’s been a while. 

In fact, when I planned this fruity & floral baby shower for one of my best gal pals, Ali, she was still preggers with her baby g. Now, little Margaret is here, adorable and healthy as ever. Amen. 

I had so much fun helping Ali celebrate her first with a boat full of friends, flower crowns and some pretty entertaining baby shower games. I’m sure you could hear us laughing from the other side of the lake. Honestly, life just doesn’t get much better. Hop on board for a party overload!IMG_1635Momma to be and me! Isn’t she the cutest?!SAMSUNG CSC
What really sealed the fun factor was that we had the party on a boat! Thanks to baby daddy Aric for being our El Capitan!SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCFlower crowns made fresh from Babe Blooms, greeted everyone when they hopped on board. SAMSUNG CSC
There was no guessing what gender baby was with plenty of pinks, purples and all things girly. The theme was “Fruity & Floral,” and I just think those two go hand in hand, especially on a hot summer day in Austin, Texas.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCBaby [girl] daddy!IMG_1567How great is this spread?! But everything you need for a great party?: mimosas and cake. Speaking of cake, it’s no surprise I love making cakes (check out some of my previous ones here and here). But it’s pretty rare to find a friend that enjoys making them too! My girl Meggie made this incredibly delish and beautiful cake for the party. No question, we all had seconds.
Naturally, to keep the theme alive, I ordered some cookies to add an additional sugar rush to the table. These fruity sugar cookies, made by a friend at Sugar Brookies, were as tasty as they were cute! 

…But wait, there’s more!

It ALSO just so happened to be Ali’s 30th birthday! So we added in a little 30th birthday touch to make her feel extra special!IMG_1693SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCPhoto backdrop courtesy of the 360 bridge on Lake Austin. What a perfect day with the perfect crew!SAMSUNG CSCWelcome to the world baby Margaret! We love you! <3

Barbie girls.

Another cake down!

I’m all about a themed party, so when one of my bests 30th birthday came around, she decided a Malibu Barbie boat party on the lake was how we were going to get down. And I couldn’t agree with her more since Meggie’s practically a little surfer babe by trade.

I took to the WWW to find some cake inspiration for the bday girl and stumbled on a pic of B crusin’ in a pink speedboat – YAS. Check out the process below!


IMG_2773IMG_2778 IMG_2784

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Feliz Cumpleaños!

vx1DtCdRJBpR0i_x3LtVOVOMftsio3028CCNivlculgI absolutely love entertaining. Even with the stress of perfecting the table arrangement and making sure to not burn the bruschetta toast, it’s always worth it to get friends together and catch up [insert multiple wine emojis here].

A few weeks ago was one of my bests birthday, and not just any birthday, her BIG 3-0! So naturally, I decided this HAD to be a surprise party and my goal was to make her think nothing was planned, which clearly could have backfired – eek. Thanks to the help of my gal Hilary (who literally is Martha Stewart) and Nicole’s bf, John, who tricked her into thinking dinner was just for two, we pulled off a successful birthday surprise! A few tears of joy included :D


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Moms that brunch.

Mother’s day is in just a couple days, so if you’re scrambling for ideas to make her smile from ear to ear, take a look at these bunch spots and breakfast-in-bed ideas that are guaranteed to make her wish Mother’s Day was 365 days a year.

157a47_09c53e7682f64ecd9dfffce0bf0a4e3d.png_srz_p_409_628_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzIf you’re not the cooking type, it’s not too late to make reservations! Times may be limited, but most Mother’s Day brunch spots keep serving until 3pm. Here is a list of my favorite ones in Austin:

Eden East on the eastside (farm to table, outdoor atmosphere, love this place)

Olivia on South Lamar (classics)

Hudson’s on the Bend in Lakeway (this is my new favorite restaurant!)

Yellow Jacket Social Club on the eastside (outdoor seating, relaxed environment, great shrimp and grits)

Hillside Farmacy on the eastside (quaint vibe, great food)

Feeling up to the challenge? Whip up a delicious meal for Mom, she will love it!

For you late risers, this overnight french toast can be made the night before! All you need is a quick pop in the oven and a pot of coffee brewing before service starts :)

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.31.47 AM

I made these dutch babies before, and my mom loved them! So they are going back on the brunch table again. Try them out, they are super easy to make and incredibly delish!9878b477578b7313c0700442158fc8b1

I fell in love with mango mimosas when I couldn’t stop sipping them at El Alma with the girls. Here is a simple recipe to change up this classic brunch cocktail.b13a352d8e212ed1ac8b8c2cf253458f

Being that I’m from Seattle, smoked salmon is a must for practically every meal (at least in my family). We eat lox bagels ALL the time because they are just that good. Try setting up a bagel bar for brunch, all parties will be thankful.99684a03d35d5a8761006d23e974bd22Happy Mother’s Day y’all!


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.06.18 PMThere are many reasons why I love Austin; good vibes, great weather and delicious food. It’s also clear this city knows how to let loose and throw a party from time to time (I mean, there is literally a festival happening every other weekend). So I decided to compile some fun ideas together to help make your Cinco De Mayo fiesta (which is less than a week away!) extra spicy. Being from the PNW, there isn’t as much of a mexican presence like in Texas, so I fully embrace the holiday spirit, piñatas and all.

Decor: This is everything when it comes to a party. Unfortunately, it can also be very expensive and time consuming. Stick to decorating a specific area if you are on a budget i.e. the food and drink table, because that’s where people will be most ;) These cactus cupcake holders fulfill function and decor – perfect!Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.58.57 PM

Food:  Probably the main thing guests care about, other than the drink selection. There is nothing worse than showing up to a party to see only a half scoop of guac left in the bowl. Spare your guests from getting hangry and make individual servings like these seven layer dips, to prevent that one person, we all know, who takes enough to feed a family of four. Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.02.14 PM

Drinks: Cinco De Mayo is not Cinco De Mayo without, you guessed it, alcohol! Gosh, who doesn’t love a party where you’re encouraged to hit cardboard for candy while under the influence? Get innovative with drink ideas – make it an activity for guests to create their own! Sip on these blood orange margaritas I whipped up for National Margarita Day, they are delicious! But don’t drink and drive, people. SAMSUNG CSCGot leftover lime wedges? Jello shots are probably a good idea. 
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.00.39 PMAttire: I’ve really been into embroidered tops lately so Cinco De Mayo comes at no better time to play a little dress up. If you live in Austin, check out Fiesta Mart to find authentic mexican shirts dresses. I could actually wear these year round.
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.18.10 PMThese flower crowns are the ideal accessory for this colorful occasion. If you haven’t made one yet, check out this quick tutorial. SAMSUNG CSCAnd if you actually don’t know why Cinco De Mayo is a holiday (guilty <insert embarrassed face>), read up. Ay ay ay!

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