Geode jewelry box DIY!

AH! That feeling of Christmas being right around the corner and you’re still scrambling to find the perfect gift for your BFF4L or special little lady. We’ve all been there. Have no fear though, I have a quick and painless DIY that will have bae smitten by your handywork and it will mean so much more than a last minute visa gift card. Trust.

Let me preface by confirming the 90’s are truly back. Remember those geode rocks you used to collect? They’ve been popping up everywhere BUT with a major price tag :/ I’ve seen them being used in many ways – geode necklaces, bracelets, coasters and my favorite, jewelry boxes! I’ve seen these boxes range from $30 to $500+. Bananas. So I decided to be crafty (of course) and make my own. Here’s what you need:

  • + geode rock of choice (make sure it has a somewhat flat surface on the bottom)
  • + wood craft box
  • + e6000 super glue
  • + spray paint of choice
  • + gloss finishing spray (optional)

Spray paint the wooden box with at least 2 coats of spray paint and let dry for an hour. Follow up with a coat of glossy finishing spray. 

Glue the geode onto the wooden box with a generous amount of e6000. Let dry. Ta-da! Super easy DIY that only takes a couple of hours and under $30! It’s a win-win! Merry Christmas friends :)


Barbie girls.

Another cake down!

I’m all about a themed party, so when one of my bests 30th birthday came around, she decided a Malibu Barbie boat party on the lake was how we were going to get down. And I couldn’t agree with her more since Meggie’s practically a little surfer babe by trade.

I took to the WWW to find some cake inspiration for the bday girl and stumbled on a pic of B crusin’ in a pink speedboat – YAS. Check out the process below!


IMG_2773IMG_2778 IMG_2784

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Home sweet home.

living room againOne of my greatest accomplishments was the purchase of my first home back in 2013. I remember looking at quite a few properties and feeling discouraged because most were either out of my price range or had multiple offers that I just couldn’t compete with. I didn’t even see my place listed on MLS, but I happened to stumble upon it when I was viewing another unit across the street with my realtor. Once we walked in, I just about gasped – from the layout and great energy, to the tongue and groove ceilings, it was just utterly perfect. That was the day I realized it’s true – when you know, you know. So I closed the deal and officially became a homeowner!

Now three years and countless trips to Home Depot later, I finally feel like I put my stamp on this little slice of paradise. I’ve been a busy bee painting, reupholstering and everything in between over the years and have documented some of it along the way, but I wanted to formally invite you to come check out my home sweet home. Come on in! 

frontdining:kitchenCheck out the mirror wall installation process I did here. The area looked so much different (ahem smaller) before.SAMSUNG CSCThe area between the cabinets and ceiling in the kitchen is always so drab, so after much headache (and algebra) I was able to measure out a grey square pattern for the perfect fix.

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A Maker’s Affair.

Forget Black Friday madness, the Renegade Craft Fair is coming to Austin this weekend! SAMSUNG CSCThere’s something about people who are makers and do-er’s and I just love that Austin is full of ’em. From jewelry designers to restauranteurs, this place has a entrepreneurial and creative spirit that makes you want to dive right into your next big idea. Since I’m someone who would rather pick up the hammer/paint brush/whatever and get crafty, I really appreciate seeing others talents in full swing, which is why I just had to check out the Renegade Craft Fair when it made it’s sweep through Austin last spring… And lucky for you (and your holiday shopping list) the fair is here all weekend long to help you score some holiday swag!

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Popcorn lovers.

IMG_0266Last year I attempted my very first birthday cake project and had so much fun doing it, I thought I’d make another attempt for my friend Ryan’s birthday. Since he always throws the most elaborate birthday soirees AND happens to love popcorn, I tried to go all out, and thought a popcorn cake was only fitting. It also seems that I have a thing for food inspired cakes…?

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