Barbie girls.

Another cake down!

I’m all about a themed party, so when one of my bests 30th birthday came around, she decided a Malibu Barbie boat party on the lake was how we were going to get down. And I couldn’t agree with her more since Meggie’s practically a little surfer babe by trade.

I took to the WWW to find some cake inspiration for the bday girl and stumbled on a pic of B crusin’ in a pink speedboat – YAS. Check out the process below!


IMG_2773IMG_2778 IMG_2784 IMG_2788 IMG_2789The cake was strawberry funfetti with vanilla fondant frosting. I carved the shape of the boat, then laid a fondant layer on top and got to decorating. Sorry, B isn’t edible.

Some party pics and the bday girl below! HBD Malibu Meggie, love you! XOIMG_2804IMG_2855

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