Animal wall art.


This has been one of my favorite DIY projects thus far, because it’s really that easy and makes such a statement. I mean how cute are these animal silhouette cutouts? Not to mention, you can probably whip these up with items you have just lying around your home- or a trip to the flea market is always a good idea. It’s simple; all you really need is some old frames, spray paint, glue, scissors, and paper. Let’s get started…

First off, gather your materials. You can choose any silhouette you like; I just surfed the images section on Google until I found the animal shapes I liked. Naturally, a little dachshund was a must. SAMSUNG CSCCut out your animal shapes so only the black (or whatever color silhouette you choose) is the only color showing, aka don’t be sloppy in your cutting. Then cut your paper backing to match the size of the frame, just like you would cut a picture to fit within a frame. Easy peasy. SAMSUNG CSCSpray paint your frame and let dry. Glue your cute animals onto the paper backing (I chose to add them in the center). Then glue the paper backing around the edges and place within the frame. Let dry.

SAMSUNG CSCI made three pictures, in all different sizes, to hang vertically in my living area and I just love the way they came out. You can see that the paper backing isn’t completely flush, but I say it just gives it more of a relaxed, craft, DIY vibe! Just depends on how, um, OCD you want to be ;)SAMSUNG CSCIf you’re looking for a fun way to spruce up your space, look no further. This is such a great DIY project that anyone can join in on (and since the weather is going to be pretty drab this weekend, you know what I’ll be up to). Let me know how your creations turn out, I would love to see them! Happy crafting and happy Friday!

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