A Maker’s Affair.

Forget Black Friday madness, the Renegade Craft Fair is coming to Austin this weekend! SAMSUNG CSCThere’s something about people who are makers and do-er’s and I just love that Austin is full of ’em. From jewelry designers to restauranteurs, this place has a entrepreneurial and creative spirit that makes you want to dive right into your next big idea. Since I’m someone who would rather pick up the hammer/paint brush/whatever and get crafty, I really appreciate seeing others talents in full swing, which is why I just had to check out the Renegade Craft Fair when it made it’s sweep through Austin last spring… And lucky for you (and your holiday shopping list) the fair is here all weekend long to help you score some holiday swag!

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Popcorn lovers.

IMG_0266Last year I attempted my very first birthday cake project and had so much fun doing it, I thought I’d make another attempt for my friend Ryan’s birthday. Since he always throws the most elaborate birthday soirees AND happens to love popcorn, I tried to go all out, and thought a popcorn cake was only fitting. It also seems that I have a thing for food inspired cakes…?

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Feliz Cumpleaños!

vx1DtCdRJBpR0i_x3LtVOVOMftsio3028CCNivlculgI absolutely love entertaining. Even with the stress of perfecting the table arrangement and making sure to not burn the bruschetta toast, it’s always worth it to get friends together and catch up [insert multiple wine emojis here].

A few weeks ago was one of my bests birthday, and not just any birthday, her BIG 3-0! So naturally, I decided this HAD to be a surprise party and my goal was to make her think nothing was planned, which clearly could have backfired – eek. Thanks to the help of my gal Hilary (who literally is Martha Stewart) and Nicole’s bf, John, who tricked her into thinking dinner was just for two, we pulled off a successful birthday surprise! A few tears of joy included :D


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