Pottery class for two.

I found another hobby this weekend.

Remember back in grade school, when we were blessed to have a designated “arts and crafts” time? AKA the best time of day! Well, I felt a little bit like a kid again Saturday night when my friend, Nicole and I decided to relive the glory days and take a pottery class at ClayWays Pottery Studio in North Austin. Not only was it incredibly fun, we actually learned something and got to get our hands dirty = win, win, win!

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC We made two different pieces, the first being a tumbler, and the second a bowl. You know, for important things like…candy.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC   Usually you wait until the clay has dried a bit before painting, but since these classes are short you paint them right after they’re molded. Then 4 weeks later they’re ready to be picked up!SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

 If your looking for a great idea for a girls night out, or maybe even Valenitine’s Day, I would highly recommend a night of crafting! Here are some other fun classes to try: Leather stitching, Screen Printing, Sewing, Cooking.

OR, if you’re more of the “that’s nice, but I’d rather just buy it” type, here are a few artisans that make some beautiful (and useful!) pottery for purchase: Jennifer Hill (our instructor), Foxwares, Paulova. Enjoy!

Inside the Tribeza Interiors Tour

You know that moment when you walk into an amazing store, see way too many things you HAVE to have, then proceed to get overwhelmed because you literally just. can’t. even? Well, that happened to me a whole lot while attending the second annual TRIBEZA Interiors Tour this past weekend.

As I toured eight homes (in no particular order), designed by some of Austin’s finest interior designers, I left refreshed, inspired and in a frenzy to get home and write all about it. It also made me wish I were on real life Trading Spaces. As hard as it was to narrow it down, I picked a few of my favorite stand out moments from each designer to share below. Grab your pen and paper (and some bubbly), because you’ll be writing a major list of must haves after seeing these inspiring homes.

Sara Scaglione

To start off the tour, I headed north towards Hyde Park to the lovely home of Sara Scaglione, owner of the oh so fabulous Shabby Slips on west 6th street (if you haven’t checked out her boutique, you really haven’t lived yet). You’re instantly greeted by the most heavenly living room filled with shades of cream, grey and pops of gold = divine! While the fireplace depicts the traditional aesthetic of the home, the clean lines and mix of textures to come, really amplify the beauty of this shabby retreat.SAMSUNG CSC

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You’ve got… Snail Mail!

Now, I’m old school when it comes to many things, i.e. I’d rather call then text, use my spiral bound instead of a google doc, tear images out of magazines than pin, and lastly, I’d take the Flintstones over the Jetsons, any day. But one thing I’m sure we can all agree on, is that there aren’t  enough hand written notes being sent anymore. We all rely on the world wide web to say “hey”, “que pasa?” and “je t’aime“…where is the snail mail love?

I’m sure many people don’t know this, unless they work at Papyrus of course, but today is National Handwriting Day. Whoop whoop! In celebration of this noteworthy holiday, I thought I’d break out the old pen and paper and get to writing some personal handwritten notes, practice some calligraphy and get in touch with my creative side.

SAMSUNG CSC Got any extra scraps of paper or tissue lying around the house? I have a cabinet full of random ribbons, stickers, you name it, so I decided to make some handmade envelopes to send my notes in. SAMSUNG CSC Gather up your supplies. I found some simple envelope templates online on Pinterest and Martha Stewart. Once I made one template, I traced it onto the other sheets of paper I had just cut out. I cut the tissue paper slightly smaller to use for the inside lining of the envelopes. SAMSUNG CSCEvery heard of washi tape? It’s pretty much a glorified scotch tape (and my new best friend), but adorned with pretty designs to help spruce up your envelopes, while holding them together!SAMSUNG CSCThere are hundreds of different styles and patterns, you can find more here.SAMSUNG CSC I then started scouring the internet, checking out different font types that would be fun for addressing envelopes and writing some handmade cards. I never realized just how many fonts there were – heaven! Creative Market has some beautiful calligraphy script which I found perfect for this occasion. SAMSUNG CSCHave you ever thought about taking a calligraphy class? That is my goal in the upcoming year. Lauren Essl with Blue Eye Brown Eye has a huge following for her calligraphy and she teaches classes too! For those in the Austin area, she is coming to Mockingbird Domestics (my weekend gig) in March. Sign ups are now available!

Take some time today and send someone a handwritten note, they’ll be glad you did. Mari, this one is coming your way! :)


Marfa, Marfa, Marfa!

There is no way to get around this… Marfa, Texas is a weird place. The closest comparison that comes to mind is a combination of Waco, Texas and Colfax, Washington. Ever heard of those places? Unless you hail from Texas or are a fellow WSU Coug, probably not.

A good 6.5 hour drive from Austin, located in west Texas, lies Marfa. If you have any interest in drinking peyote, gazing at the stars or checking out some modern art installations, pack your bags. Since this was my first time exploring this part of the Texas landscape, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Now that I’ve been there, I’ve decided to provide a few pointers to those interested in checking it out.SAMSUNG CSC 1. A weekend is not enough time in Marfa. If you plan on making that grueling drive, you might as well add in an extra day and check out Big Bend National Park, a mere 2+ hours to the south. SAMSUNG CSC 2. No matter what, rent a teepee. This is the interior of our teepee at El Cosmico. Fully equipped with a gas fireplace, king size bed and electrical plug ins, it’s all you could ever want/need. Truthfully, staying in this was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip.  SAMSUNG CSC 3. Bring some extra food/snacks. The business hours of operation are really up in the air here. We arrived and were ready for lunch, but most restaurants don’t open until evening. Since there are few restaurants, call ahead and make reservations (if possible) to ensure you get a meal – not even kidding. I’m not a happy camper when I’m hungry.SAMSUNG CSC 4. Know where you want to go. Make a list, and check it twice. We showed up 5 minutes before one of the foundations closed, so unfortunately we weren’t able to see the entire place (which would have taken approximately 4 hours!). SAMSUNG CSC 5. Explore! Since we really didn’t have an agenda, we made up our own. We rode around town looking for quirky sights and modern architecture. Sometimes spontaneity is the best route. SAMSUNG CSC Marfa water tower. SAMSUNG CSCThis was the patio of a home for sale just outside of town. It was modern, clean and ready for me to move in. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC  Although this was one of the only stores in town, it was amaze! Check out Cast + Crew’s shop hereSAMSUNG CSCHow cute is this pup? When visiting the i n d e / j a c o b s showroom, we met the owner who invited us to the residential quarters of the exhibit, where he and his dog, Kriksis live. Adorable. SAMSUNG CSCCobra Rock Boot Company. This place makes the most amazing boots… by hand.SAMSUNG CSCThe Chinati Foundation is known for these large concrete boxes spread out among 340 acres. It doesn’t sound all that exciting, but walking around all the different formations was pretty awesome. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCOh Prada Marfa. This is probably the most famous attraction in Marfa, bringing people in from all over the country to check out the funky town, it sure got me – view my latest style post here.

All in all, this west Texas adventure was a lot different than I thought, in a good way. I really would recommend visiting during the spring/early summer time to really embrace the scenery and sunshine. Everyone needs a little getaway to gain some clarity and peace of mind, and Marfa can do just that… but so can a little wine.

Have a great getaway destination in mind? Please let me know!

Birthday suit.

PRADA, MARFA: finally something Queen B and I have in common. This weekend (actually today!) marks another year wiser for me and I had the pleasure of celebrating in this funky little town called Marfa, in the middle of Nowhere, Texas.  What a trip! From the teepees, mod inspired buildings (which are few and far between) and the TV museum serving only grilled cheese sandwiches late night, this place really had me scratching my head, wondering if I just got out of a M. Night Shyamalam film. A full breakdown of my trip to come shortly.

Most famously, this town is well known for its unique art installations, so as an ode to my love for fashion, this style post is in front of the iconic Prada Marfa exhibit, due 30 miles west of town, even further away from any civilization (and any gas stations, which we almost found out the hard way).

This architectural pop art project was installed on October 1st, 2005 by artist Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. The sculptures intention was to never be repaired (or restocked), so it would slowly degrade back into the natural landscape (as if Prada handbags would ever cease to stand out?). Unfortunately, just a few days after the opening debut, the exhibit was vandalized and all 14 right footed shoes and vintage handbags were stolen (perhaps, check Craigslist if you’re interested). It was quickly repaired and has remained a cultural land art project since.



SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCLet’s be honest, unless you’re 15, 17 or 20; turning another year older is just getting less and less fun. Yes, I’ve actually shed a tear on my special day because I’m one of those people who’d rather stay a kid, forever. Making forts, climbing trees and eating straight from the ice cream tub are very much still present in my life. I had such a great time this weekend, exploring this extraordinary town and checking out this installation, even though I don’t own any Prada shoes – yet.

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