Stripes on stripes.

When I began designing the theme of my home, I wanted it to be clean, neutral and warm, thus, I thought stripes would play an important role is this concept. Stripes seems to have a classic simplicity to them and they are perfect for painting (I mean, compared to a mural), so I decided to have my go at it on my entry way wall. The width of the horizontal pattern I chose was rather thick, about 1.5 ft (I think the skinnier the stripes, the more casual the look= no good).  This grey neutral is called “Pussywillow” by Sherwin Williams. Check out the before and after below!

IMG_1535 Before. (Tape has been added for pattern design).IMG_1536After! With Lucy, my pup, by the door :)

Oh deer.

I’m all about repurposing anything and everything, especially for the sake of art.  So when I found this awesome deer skull at my boyfriends grandparents ranch, I knew I had to turn it into a coffee table artpiece. This DIY pattern was another Pinterest find and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

SAMSUNG CSCStart by cleaning the skull with a water/hydrogen peroxide mixture and letting it soak overnight. Once dry, glue any pieces back into place and prime the skull with white paint.

SAMSUNG CSCUsing a pencil, draw your pattern onto the skull.

SAMSUNG CSCAdd your color order to the skull. Paint all of each color before moving onto the next color.



SAMSUNG CSCSpray the painted skull with a clear lacquer and let dry for a few days.

SAMSUNG CSCPlace on your coffee table for an instant pop of color!

Moscow Rules.

Since moving to Austin, I’ve been introduced to one of my favorite beverages of all time; the Moscow Mule. Also known as The Polish Pony (seriously), this drink packs a lot of flavor and is relatively simple to make. This drink is also very popular because of the way it is served in those statement making copper mugs.

For Christmas this year, I thought, how cute would it be to give a “Moscow Mule kit” as a present? Aka everything you need to make this delicious drink wrapped into a fun little basket. I included the following: 2 copper mugs, vodka, limes, ginger beer, stirring spoon, ice bucket, horseshoe for decoration and of course a hand written recipe. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

Moscow Mule Recipe: 1/2 lime, 2 ounces of vodka, 4 to 6 ounces of ginger beer. (I also like to add some sliced jalapeño which really kicks things up a notch).


Chalkboard fun.

On weekends, I spend a few hours working at Mockingbird Domestics, just south of downtown Austin. This place is your one-stop-shop for locally sourced fine crafted furniture and home accessories. I love the modern meets rustic aesthetic of the store and REALLY enjoy getting crafty with the window displays and floor decor. Here I had a little chalkboard fun and created a warm fireplace to fit within the mantle near the front windows to show a little holiday cheer.

IMG_4739 IMG_4740 IMG_4742 IMG_4743 IMG_4748